A Medicare for All Q&A, by Cris M. Currie, RN, MA

Free eBook! - Updated 11/22/23 with Version 6.3!

The Health Care for All Education Fund is pleased to present retired RN and longtime HCFA member Cris Currie's eBook: A Medicare for All Q&A.
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This is a free, interactive ebook that answers dozens of questions about single-payer healthcare and healthcare reform, including: 

  • Why don't we already have national health insurance? - Question 2
  • Why didn't the ACA solve the problems? - Question 8
  • Are universal healthcare, single-payer, public option, and Medicare for All synonymous? - Question 11
  • How much profit is the medical-industrial complex making? - Question 17

A Medicare for All Q&A also dispels common arguments against single payer healthcare reform, such as:

  • If the government forces drug prices down, won't that mean pharmaceutical companies will have to cut back on R&D and innovation will suffer? - Question 25
  • What will happen to all of the industry employees who will lose their jobs under single-payer? - Question 26
  • Don't lots of studies prove that single-payer will cost more? - Question 30
  • Why should I have to pay for someone else's health care? - Question 20
  • Won't single-payer dangerously limit choice? - Question 41
  • Is the US government good enough for single-payer? - Question 49

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