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The Health Care for All-WA Education fund is a 501(c)(3) entity that assists in the educational activities of HCFA-WA to promote public commitment to high quality, sustainable, publicly-funded health care for all Washington residents.

Board of Directors

hcfawa-sherry-weinberg.jpgSherry Weinberg, President - Sherry is editor of our quarterly HCFA-WA Newsletter and serves on the WHST Revision Committee. She is also President of Physicians for a National Health Program’s Western Washington chapter. Reach her at  [email protected].

hcfawa-chuck-richards.jpgChuck Richards, Vice-President - Chuck has been active since 2006, served as president of HCFA-WA 501c(4) from 2011-2016, and is organizing supporters in the 36th LD.

hcfawa-dana-iorio.jpgDana Iorio, Treasurer - Dana is active in the 36th LD. Reach him at [email protected].


Rich LaGue Rich is a retired physical therapist who got involved in health care financing reform in 1991 after observing the human costs of our current health care financing arrangements over many years. Having lived most of his adult life in Corvallis, OR, he was involved in the 2002 Oregon ballot initiative for universal access to health care, and returned to the Seattle area, where he grew up, in 2008.

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