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Donations to the HCFA Education Fund are tax-deductible. Contributions to this effort expand our work throughout the state.

Your contribution to the Health Care for All Education Fund is more than just a donation—it’s an investment in your community. When individuals are healthy, their communities thrive. That’s why we’re committed to providing high quality, sustainable, affordable, publicly financed, and publicly and privately delivered health care for all Washington residents. Will you join us?

More Ways to Give:
The Combined Fund Drive
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☆ Give monthly: become a Healthcare Hero and sustain our fight for health care for all in Washington
Monthly recurring donations are a great way to provide dependable and consistent support throughout the year. Please consider an automatic monthly donation to help Washington achieve health care that's Everybody In, Nobody Out!

Dreamer: $50

For example, $50 can buy 100 buttons for our supporters at a legislative hearing! We’ll even send you one, too.

Idealist: $100

For example, $100 can supply the materials for a volunteer training session in YOUR legislative district! We’d love to see you there.

Activist: $250

For example, $250 can cover the printing of one issue of the HCFA-WA newsletter.

Enthusiast: $500

For example, $500 funds a day of lobbying in Olympia, a banner, and a roll of stamps so we can send our materials out!

Catalyst: $1,000

For example, $1,000 can fund two days of lobbying in Olympia, a banner, and all the materials needed for an outreach event!

Visionary: $2,500

For example, $2,500 can fund an entire year of printing costs for flyers, pamphlets, and other informational documents necessary to sway our legislators.

Wave Maker: $5,000

For example, $5,000 can fund an entire year of printing and a year’s worth of media campaigns and event announcements to get out our message!

Changemaker: custom amount

 No matter how much you’re able to give, any amount gets us closer to our goal.