Our Supporters

Floyd Jones and Alene Moris have become our first major donors, and we are thrilled at the trust they have placed in us to achieve the goal that we all want: a publicly financed and privately delivered health care system for all Washington residents.



Having grown up in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Alene is a passionate supporter of single-payer health care. In fact, as a teenager she used to babysit the children of Tommy Douglas, who was the driving force behind the implementation of Canada’s much-beloved single-payer health care system.

Floyd has been a major benefactor of many other worthy causes over the years, and we are grateful for his support of our efforts at this crucial time. Beyond financial support, Floyd and Alene also bring a wealth of progressive thinking and community connections. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with them as we work to reach our goal of single-payer universal health care for all. Together, we can do this in Washington state! 

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